The RaceEdit


The A.R.O.M

The Ancient Race of Machines, or A.R.O.M. are a robotic race who have taken on the mental characteristics of living things. They are individualistic, conservative, vain, jealous, and even occasionally forgetful.

Immortal due to their synthetic bodies, they hold that an existence based on pure logic would be pointless, and that it is their ability to be whimsical, capricious and eccentric that gives their lives meaning.

They are suspicious of new technology, as they fear being made obsolete by something more advanced, and are also reluctant to increase their numbers too quickly for fear of reducing their own uniqueness as individuals. They are however great builders, as huge construction projects appeal to their rather pompous egos.

Base TraitsEdit

Race FactionsEdit

The Ancient Race Of MachinesEdit

This is the default faction.

Faction traitsEdit

Victory Point ConditionsEdit

The Machine RebelsEdit

This faction spawns after a colony riots for too long.

Faction traitsEdit

Victory Point ConditionsEdit

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