The RaceEdit


The Hoon Yon

The Hoon Yon are a synthetic race of intelligent robots controlled by massive central computers known as "Cores".

With everything centrally planned, and no internal dissent or bureaucracy, their spread through the universe is efficient and inexorable.

Their only weakness is a vulnerability to attack by nanobots, and a lack of technological creativity.

Base TraitsEdit

Race FactionsEdit

The Hoon YonEdit

This is the default faction.

Faction traitsEdit

Victory Point ConditionsEdit

The ForkEdit

The Hoon Yon are a robotic race controlled by massive central computers, known as "cores". While this centralized approach has many strengths, they recognize that it may also be a source of vulnerability. Thus they created the Fork, as an entirely separate colony of Hoon Yon who would develop in their own way, and hopeful avoid any weaknesses that might lead to the downfall of the main group.

Like the main branch of the Hoon Yon, they are efficient and orderly, but not hugely creative.

Faction traitsEdit

Victory Point ConditionsEdit

The Hoon Free CoreEdit

This faction spawns after a colony riots for too long.

Faction traitsEdit

Victory Point ConditionsEdit

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