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The Klurgu

The Klurgu are a brutal bipedal race, intent on their own survival to the exclusion of all others. Their unusual six eyed arrangement gives them a wide range of sensory abilities, but nevertheless, they prefer to solve problems with overwhelming force, rather than more subtle means.

Having destroyed all the other large species on their home planet, they are now bent on ridding the universe of competing life forms. This gives them a unity of purpose, and a willingness to be in a perpetual state of war, but they are hardly the galaxy's most popular citizens.

They are pragmatic enough to deal with other species when necessary, but those who trusted them did not survive long enough to regret it.

Base TraitsEdit

Race FactionsEdit

The Klurgu EmpireEdit

This is the default faction.

Faction traitsEdit

Victory Point ConditionsEdit

The True KlurguEdit

The Klurgu are a brutal race that seeks to ensure their own survival by eliminating all others. The True Klurgu are an extreme sect that takes hatred of other species to an extreme. They refuse any contact with alien species, and regard themselves as in a perpetual state of war. Their only purpose is to eliminate as many competing life forms as possible.

Faction traitsEdit

Victory Point ConditionsEdit

The Klurgu Trade CollectiveEdit

While the Klurgu as a race generally prefer to eliminate any potential competition, the more pragmatic amongst them recognize that sometimes this is not possible, and that sometimes aliens even have items of value, that it would be beneficial to acquire through trade.

The Klurgu Traders are thus slightly more friendly to other species than the bulk of their race, but one has to consider whether it is wise to do business with an organization that will happily sell you a new razor, then use it to cut your throat.

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Victory Point ConditionsEdit

The Klurgu RebelsEdit

This faction spawns after a colony riots for too long.

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Victory Point ConditionsEdit

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